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What is couples therapy?

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What is couples therapy? 

Couples therapy is a type of therapy between two people involved in a relationship that is designed to help the couple gain insight into their relationship.  The goal is to help them to restore their relationship to a better level of functioning and relieve relationship distress.

Therapy sessions are often designed to improve communication, conflict resolution, problem-solving skills and modify dysfunctional behavior.  Other common issues that may be addressed include financial problems, infidelity, differences in child rearing, and other life changes.

How does Christian based couples therapy differ from other couples therapy?

Christian based couples therapy reflects an orientation toward the world that is rooted in the Bible.  Christian based therapy affirms Christ as the Lord and Savior of the world; that He is the counselor and Healer of hearts and relationships.  Christian based couples  therapy affirms the free will and responsibility of each individual.  Love cannot be forced.  It is everyone’s choice to love and fall out of love.  It is our desire to help you find the love for one another that connected you in the first place.

What if I don’t want Christian interventions brought into therapy sessions?

That too, is your choice.  In our initial visit, I will ask about your comfort level with prayer, Bible references and general discussions regarding your religious beliefs.  If you are not comfortable bringing these into sessions, that is perfectly fine.  I respect your choice, your beliefs and will meet you where you are.  I am not here to judge you or your relationship.

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