Animal Assisted Therapy


Research has shown that animal assisted therapy can help clients with a multitude of goals, including improved social skills, improved self-esteem, overcoming anxiety and stressors from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Animals can be a comforting presence in the therapy office.

Therapy animals are often confused with service animals, especially emotion support animals.  A therapy dog is different from a service animal in that the dogs are trained by a handler to comfort others.  Service animals, whether emotional support dogs or other service animals, live with their owners and are trained specifically to help with their owner's disabilities.  

Phoebe has been with me since 2017.  She is certified by Therapy Dogs International to be a therapy dog. She is a mixed breed, mostly terrier with what I believe to be a little schnauzer that gives her a little white beard.  Only she knows her background, having come from a rescue organization called Wags and Whiskers.  She is a very loving and playful dog and is more than happy to share that with whomever is ready to let her.

Not everyone is as enthused as she is about having a dog in a therapy session.  Phoebe will not be introduced into session until it is determined by the client and the therapist that it will be beneficial for the client and safe for all involved.  If you are interested in meeting Phoebe, please let the therapist know and an introduction can be arranged.

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